TBT Vinyl: AC/DC, Back In Black

4 Feb

ACDC image1



Back In Black
Atlantic Records

My notes on this record: it’s perfect. That is all.








Facebook Live Mic Drop

3 Feb


I’m not sure if Facebook just dropped a mic or a bomb on Periscope and Meerkat. Facebook Live is replacing every cool feature of those live streaming mobile video apps with the friendly space where most people you can hope to know already live.

If you still think that Facebook isn’t eating the internet, think again. Here’s the recent scorecard:

Facebook Features                             Platforms That Were Important 5 Minutes Ago

Facebook Live                                        Periscope, Meerkat

Native Video on Facebook             YouTube

Facebook Reviews                              Yelp and all other review sites

Facebook Pages                                   Your corporate website

Facebook Instant Articles               Every newspaper and magazine on Earth

Facebook Ads                                        Everything else



TBT Vinyl: Eric Burdon And The Animals, Eric Is Here

28 Jan

Animals image1Eric Burdon and the Animals
Eric Is Here
MGM Records

This is actually an Eric Burdon solo record produced between the original Animals and the second incarnation,  Eric Burdon and the Animals

10 Social Media Tips for Conference Attendance

26 Jan


This post was originally published by my friend and Social Geek Radio co-host, Deb Evans on her website at DebEvansConsulting.com.  Deb does an amazing job for her clients telling their story and connecting them with mass audiences especially at industry events and marketing & technology conferences.

Registration to attend a  conference is just the first step. If you really want to take advantage of the learning experience and relationships you will develop, follow the social marketing strategies below to spotlight your attendance and generate an awareness of your company.

Before Attendance

Review the registration list and connect with attendees social platforms. Do they have a  Twitter handle? Using Instagram? Do they have a  Facebook business page? Promote the event as you are coordinating your attendance, sessions you plan to attend, speakers you are anxious to hear and people you want to reconnect with.

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn

  • Use the event hashtag.
  • Promote the speakers. Share information about the speakers and what you hope to learn. Remember to tag the speaker and include links for more information.
  • Follow the host organization. Like and share their posts to your social channels.
  • Tweet tidbits about the upcoming event and your attendance.

During Attendance


Make your attendance about what you are learning and who you are meeting.  Not everyone can attend so capture the moments and share!

  • Live Tweet what you are learning. Remember to tag speakers.
  • Post photos to Instagram of the crowd of attendees, trade show displays, speakers, and the host city.
  • Live stream (Periscope, Meerkat, Facebook Mentions).  Give a tour of the host city.  Capture the excitement of the trade show. Conduct interviews. Live stream presentations.

After Attendance

Continue the engagement

  • Create a LinkedIn Slideshare of photos, videos and upload your presentation if you were a presenter.
  • Establish a Twitter list of attendees and speakers and engage with list members.
  • Use Storify to turn tweets, photos, and videos into stories.


I always look forward to conferences and conventions and the opportunity to share the experiences. If the tips above are more than you or your team can handle, contact me!


TBT Vinyl: The Allman Brothers Band, Live at the Fillmore East

21 Jan

Allman 2 image1

The Allman Brothers Band
Live at the Fillmore East
The original extended jam live album! “Whipping Post” alone was 22 minutes!


Allman 3 image1

Allman 4 image1

The Fate of Email: Who Is Reading It?

18 Jan



A long time ago in a place far away, the phone rang and you answered it. You actually ran to the phone. Then came answering machines, which took away the peril of running to the phone. Then came caller ID, which filtered out any unwanted conversation. Now every phone has a big red DECLINE button and it’s amazing that anyone ever answers your call.

Your email is now in the same danger. 15 years ago people were excited to hear “you got mail,” read it, and dashed off a reply immediately. Now they see most email as some fresh hell that will steal their time .  

If you’re using tracking software to see the open rates of your emails, you are amazed at the number of people who just don’t open any email. If you’re not using tacking software, let me quite bluntly update your on your email effectiveness right now:

Did they get the email? Yeah, they got it.
Did they open it? Probably not.
Will they reply? Probably not, unless they need something from you!

Mass email marketing service providers will tell you that email is still the most important and efficient way to get your message to your audience, customers, and other consumers. But will it actually be read?

Here are a few tips to increase the likelihood of your message being read:

  1. Make your email like a text. Put the entire question in the subject line. It can be read on any phone, so even if they don’t open, they will see your message. If they don’t respond, then that’s another issue.
  2. If you do put your question or request in the body of an email, don’t make it any more than 2 or 3 sentences. That’s all that will be read anyway.
  3. Use tracking software to see which of your colleagues never open your emails. For those culprits, you will need to text them, or perhaps even pick up the phone and surprise them!








TBT Vinyl: David Bowie, Let’s Dance

14 Jan

DAVID BOWIE Lets Dance LP Vinyl Record Album

David Bowie
Let’s Dance
EMI Records


In a week of everyone sharing David Bowie memories, here’s my favorite Bowie LP. It’s not the favorite of the critics or many fans. But it’s top of my list due to the the album’s guitarist: Stevie Ray Vaughan!

Plan Your Facebook Tactics Now Around the 2016 Elections

12 Jan



The first votes in the 2016 Presidential race are less than 3 weeks away. The Iowa Caucuses and the New Hampshire & South Carolina Primaries in February mean an explosion of political messages in an already-crowded media space. It’s estimated that approximately $500 Million may be spent on Facebook ads for the 2016 Presidential Election.

Franchisors, franchisees, and all business owners need to figure out their Facebook plans now.

Even before this massive spend leading up to each state’s primary, the organic updates from candidates, increased posts from political bloggers, and campaign stories from news outlets are already consuming most of the attention on Facebook.

Ted Cruz is broadcasting using the new Facebook Live streaming video every day. Ben Carson’s campaign took off entirely from Facebook fans spreading his messages. Donald Trump posts pictures and remarks from the campaign trail several times per day. The campaigns of both Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders manage multiple pages for their organizations in each state showing a strong local community focus and ground game.

Imagine how much more crowded the space will be in 30, 60, or 90 days. And that will pale in comparison to later this year when the two eventual nominees, their parties, and their PACs throw hundreds of millions into Facebook ads for the general election. Imagine the competition for consumers’ attention!

Organic reach using your current tactics will be zero. How can your message get to your potential customers and candidates? Here are a few ideas to try to rise above the noise.

1. Post when others are not posting. Get a calendar of upcoming primary events and avoid the days before, during, and after a primary in any state or a debate. Instead pick other days of that same week to post. This may mean moving out of your comfort zone of days / times for posting. But that’s a good thing; I’ve never been a fan of so-called “best times” to post. Your customers are active on social 24 hours per day, 7 days a week.

2. Plan on buying more ads and increase your ad budget. There’s no way around this!

3. Be prepared with a non-Facebook Plan B. If Trump and Clinton (or whoever the 2 nominees are!), as well as the DNC, the RNC, and the PACs all start dumping a half Billion dollars into Facebook, you may have to explore alternative channels. If your business is not already set up on Instagram, Periscope, Snapchat and other places, do so now and run some tests. Get ready to move into that space if you find engagement.





TBT Vinyl: The Clash, Black Market Clash

7 Jan

Clash 1 IMG_1671


The Clash
Black Market Clash
Epic Records / Nu-Disk


This EP was released only in the US and featured B-sides and rarities previously only available as imports. The 10-inch record was part of Epic’s very short-lived Nu-Disk line.


Clash 2 IMG_1672

Digital Trends with Scott Monty on Social Geek Radio

4 Jan


scott 1

This week’s special guest on Social Geek Radio is Digital Marketing leader Scott Monty!

We’ll chat about Marketing Trends, the Auto Industry, Sherlock Holmes, and everything else in Scott’s wheelhouse.

Download Wednesday night at 8pm ET:

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Also, check out Scott’s weekly newsletter covering the latest news in digital marketing each week!





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