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#TBT #Vinyl The Kings Are Here, 1980

4 Jan

Switchin' to Glide

The Kings
This Beat Goes On / Switchin’ To Glide
The Kings Are Here
Elektra Records


One of my all-time favorites is the 2-in-1 song “This Beat Goes On / Switchin’ To Glide” from 1980. This was a huge regional hit in Toronto, Vancouver, and Chicago (all the rock stations here played it!) but not as well known outside of these cities. 


Switchin' to Glide

Switchin' to Glide

Switchin' to Glide


Switchin' to Glide





TBT Vinyl: Manfred Mann’s Earth Band, Chance, 1980

26 May


Manfred Mann’s Earth Band
Warner Bros


Great album by the band that does Springsteen songs better than Springsteen. It features Bruce’s “For You” with vocals by Chris Thompson and Trevor Rabin on lead guitar.



TBT Vinyl: The Clash, Black Market Clash

7 Jan

Clash 1 IMG_1671


The Clash
Black Market Clash
Epic Records / Nu-Disk


This EP was released only in the US and featured B-sides and rarities previously only available as imports. The 10-inch record was part of Epic’s very short-lived Nu-Disk line.


Clash 2 IMG_1672

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