New Social Media Management Functions from Manalto


I am pleased to be working on the top-shelf Social Media Management Software Manalto and thrilled about a new set of functions added by client request. These new features are key for any brand with multiple locations, franchisees, local outlets, or business units.

The brand and marketing executives I speak with daily need advanced functionality to manage hundreds or thousands of social media pages. Here is a look at these updated functions:

 Manalto V4 Functions x



Our Finest Hour: 11pm According to Winston Churchill

Social Media marketers and community managers are channeling their inner Churchill.

At the onset of World War II, Winston Churchill needed more hours in the day. Sound familiar?

Being the leader of the free world at the time, Churchill was able to do the impossible and doubled the number of hours in his day.

Each day at around 4pm, he left the office, went home, and went to sleep. Around 7pm he woke up, went back to the office and worked with this war staff until about 4am. Then he’d go sleep until 7am, and start the day all over again! In essence, he did create two working days out of one!

And that’s exactly what many of those managing social media for their organizations are doing. And, without the nap! So many of my colleagues are standing down around dinner time, doing their own thing in the evening, and then jumping back in work mode around 11pm or so.

Do you fit this model? Are you jumping back in late in the evening after your time with IRL friends, family, kids, etc? I would love to hear your take on this.

Winston Churchill

PR: Step Up and Lead Social Media

A friendly word to all PR practitioners: start LEADING social media within your organization NOW.


Too many PR pros are aware of the opportunities within Social Media, but are not pushing for integration of consumer engagement with their media relations work.


Too many senior leaders at agencies may be creating a path to irrelevance by giving clients what they want or expect (i.e. media relations work, traditional pitching). But, they are not giving them what they need: messages that reach consumers directly along with the traditional intermediaries such as journalists.


Too many corporate communications pros have remained in the shadows and see their Marketing or Advertising counterparts provide the C-Suite strategic guidance through the social media waters.


However, Public Relations professionals are the logical choice within any organization to lead Social Media because they have the skill set to engage in consumer conversation, not just broadcast messages.


If you’re in Chicago, a GREAT place to start is a series of upcoming luncheon programs featuring social media topics for professional communicators and PR pros.


Rod Sierra

 The first is a great starting point for any social media program: Measurement. Panelists include Rodrigo SierraChief Marketing Officer, Johnson Publishing and Johna Burke, Senior Vice President, Marketing & Communications, BurrellesLuce. 

March 15, 2011
Maggiano’s Little Italy
516 North Clark Street
Chicago, IL

Registration: Click Here
Sponsor: Richard Day Research




The second is a fireside chat with Gini Dietrich discussing Social Media for Senior Executives. Gini is the CEO of Arment Dietrich, Inc., founder of the popular Spin Sucks blog, and a nationally recognized leader and speaker on the subjects of online technology in communication, marketing, sales, and HR.       

April 19, 2011
Maggiano’s Little Italy
516 North Clark Street
Chicago, IL

Registration: Coming Soon!

Sponsors: MSL Chicago and Big Shoes Network

Mashable: 5 Superior Social Media Management Tools

 Mashable Awards
Our team is excited about the article on Mashable yesterday naming Engage121 as a superior  Social Media Management tool.

Read Full Mashable Post Here
I was at the Detroit airport coming home from the #140 Conference when I received a text about this new Mashable post.  Our team has worked long hours over the past year to make Engage121 “best in its class” as Meghan Peters writes. So, more important than the actual post were the comments, tweets, and notes about the post from friends and clients over the following few hours!