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Tis the season … for Mashable Awards voting! My colleagues and I at Engage121 are thrilled that our firm is a finalist for Digital Company of the Year. Other finalists include big guys like Dominos Pizza, Progressive Insurance, and The WWE, so it’s an honor for our 13 year old social media software firm to be recognized. Thanks to all of our friends and clients for their votes!


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Apple iTunes Announcement: Beatles???

Today over on the iTunes Store, much of the pricey real estate is promoting a big announcement tomorrow at 9am CT / 10am ET. You’ll see the same thing at

iTunes Announcement

Let the speculation fly! I am once again predicting the announcement that The Beatles catalogue will finally be available via iTunes. Last year, I speculated that this would be a big Apple announcement in the near future but I didn’t see it taking this long.

I may be way off … many folks on Mashable or elsewhere are predicting application-related news. I’m guessing Beatles simply due to the timing; a mid-November roll-out means that it’s product or content FOR SALE. It must be something that will ring the iTunes Stores cash register. See you tomorrow at the “the store”…

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Mashable: 5 Superior Social Media Management Tools

 Mashable Awards
Our team is excited about the article on Mashable yesterday naming Engage121 as a superior  Social Media Management tool.

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I was at the Detroit airport coming home from the #140 Conference when I received a text about this new Mashable post.  Our team has worked long hours over the past year to make Engage121 “best in its class” as Meghan Peters writes. So, more important than the actual post were the comments, tweets, and notes about the post from friends and clients over the following few hours!