Social Media Strategy = Snake Oil


Snake Oil

Go search Twitter right now for the phrase “social media strategy” and see who is trying to sell you snake oil. It’s not pretty!  A few Tweets every minute pop up by someone using that phrase.

I cringe every time I hear or read the phrase “Social Media Strategy”. It’s still being used frequently by so-called Social Media “Experts”. By the way, that’s a bogus term too, but that’s well-covered ground here and at many other places.

There is no such thing as Social Media “Strategy”.

You have a business strategy and perhaps a communications strategy and hopefully a communications plan.

Your Social Media tactics are a means to execute those strategies just like any other tactic or activity. Social Media can be a platform, avenue, channel, or tool.  
I have had many organizations tell me “We don’t yet have a Social Media strategy.” My reply is usually, “Do you have a telephone strategy?” Of course not; you use a telephone to make the connections and build relationships to achieve your business goals.

It’s the same with Social Media!

Social Media Douchebag
I hereby pin this badge of dishonor on anyone claiming to be a Social Media Strategist or Expert.

5 thoughts on “Social Media Strategy = Snake Oil

  1. Great post – love the badge!

    I’d say you have a ‘content strategy’ to fuel customer acquisition, customer retention or brand awareness and that this would fuel your social media efforts by giving people things to talk about.

    You might also have a networking strategy using social media as a toolset to help connect with people in today’s market.

    I’s agree that using someone who calls themselves a ‘social media strategist” is probably a poor choice today. Get them to articulate what they have accomplished and how they have done it – did they use PR? Create blogs? Train employees to drive sales?

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