3 thoughts on “The Future of Social Media is Mobile and What Else?

  1. Bingo!
    The future is more local than mobile; people are looking to the internet and social media to replace the yellow pages and get back to building business relationships with people in the same part of town. Its hyper-local.
    For franchise companies, this means letting go of the fear and letting franchisees drive local marketing via social media. Give them localized PR, local websites with unique URLs, local blogs so they can produce a local stream of info and local social media accounts and profiles.

    Most companies are just getting a handle on social media; this is very forward thinking and will scare many. My bet is this is where the real return will come from in the next couple of years.

  2. Jack,
    Great points. Way to go weaving in Buckaroo Bonzai. You’ve touched on how to make social media relevant. It needs to be local.
    Apologies to the folks who live in Southern Cal and the movie ‘Up in the Air’, but I’m creating a new portmanteau . . . SOCAL.
    ‘The longest and hardest 9 inches in marketing is the distance between the brain and the heart’

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