#TBT #Vinyl The Firm, 1985

The FirmThe Firm
The Firm
Atlantic Records

This was not exactly Led Zeppelin, but Jimmy Page wrote the songs, produced the sound, and played the guitars. That makes it better than anything else that came out in 1985.  


The Firm

The Firm

#TBT #Vinyl Robert Plant, The Principle of Moments, 1983

Principle of Moments

Robert Plant
The Principle of Moments
Es Paranza / Atlantic Records

Released 33 years ago this week,  this was Robert Plant‘s second solo album and scored a big hit with one of my favorite tunes, “Big Log.” Guitarist Robbie Blunt sounds ridiculously like Jimmy Page here!



TBT Vinyl: Led Zeppelin III

Led Zeppelin III
Led Zeppelin
Atlantic Records


Zepp fans are mostly divided between the masses who think their fourth album is their best and the purists who favor the second album. I however prefer Led Zeppelin III. It shows the band’s full range from metal to blues to acoustic folk rock. No other band of any era can cover this spectrum! 

The packaging on this LP is unique with a volvelle, or cardboard disc that rotates and shows different images on the cover. This kind of stuff is lost on CDs and digital downloads.


Also missing in the digital world is the warm, pure sound from analog LPs. Listen to Page’s guitar and Bonham’s cymbals on “Since I’ve Been Lovin’ You” and you’ll hear sounds that you cannot find on the digital version.



Big Data? Small Numbers Are Sometimes More.


Do big numbers impress you? Sometimes smaller number mean more.

We’re fascinated by TV shows that reach 100 episodes or 10 years on the air; bands creating a record with multiple producers and dozens of musicians; or movies with a cast of hundreds. But does that make them good?

These small numbers impress me more:

12 = number of Fawlty Towers episodes (6 in 1975, 6 in 1979). Fawlty Towers

10 = number of years The Beatles were together.

= number of Led Zeppelin original studio albums.

3 = 
number of guys in Johnny Cash’s band…including Johnny Cash.

Johnny Cash, Luther Perkins,  Marshall Grant

= number of musicians playing all of the instruments on John Fogerty’s Centerfield album (and that was John Fogerty!)

John Fogerty Centerfield

“New” Tunes from Zepp, Stones, The Who, AC/DC, Costello


It’s a great week and kickoff to the Christmas shopping season for Retro tunes from some of the greats. Any of these would make a great gift or a holiday insanity-defying muscial treat for yourself on Cyber Monday.

Do we really still call it Cyber Monday? Cyber….hmmm. I guess it’s like still saying “dial” a phone though we haven’t had a phone with a dial since around the time Led Zeppelin broke up.

 Led Zeppelin Celebration Day

Led Zeppelin – Celebration Day

Which brings us to this new release from last Tuesday – Led Zeppelin Celebration Day. It’s not really new music; it’s a live album of their greatest hits. It’s not really even a new release as it was recorded at their one-shot reunion 5 years ago! Lastly, the reunion term is used loosely as John Bonham is still quite dead.

These may be valid points for not going all-out crazy about this release. But, c’mon! It’s more Led Zeppelin! We really do not have enough material from these guys who were  officially together for a only decade and released only 10 albums if you include the live Song Remains The Same (which I do) and not include the 1990s Page / Plant reunion album (which I don’t). Celebration Day is actually better than Remains, in my early listening opinion. These guys are now true old bluesmen with about a billion more miles on them. And although we don’t have John Bonham onboard, we have the closest match both musically and genetically with Jason Bonham.

Led Zeppelin 2012
Zepp Now: Plant, Page, Jones, (Jason) Bonham. Photo from Spin.



AC/DC on iTunes

I was shocked last Tuesday seeing the big banner on iTunes announcing AC/DC’s catalog finally being released for digital download. They are the only major band that held out even longer than The Beatles, and I’m glad to finally see some of the greatest albums of all time like Dirty Deeds and Back in Black available for future generations who won’t own a CD player!

AC/DC on iTunes

You can buy the entire collection, or of course choose only individual songs to purchase. But there’s still no official AC/DC Greatest Hits album. I think the band’s stance on this is so cool, especially in a world where every lame pop singer, hip hop noise maker, and American Idol contestant who has been around for more then 18 months is putting out a Greatest Hits collection.


Rolling Stones – GRRR!

The Stones put out a huge Best Of collection last week. The sheer scope is impressive, with you choice of the 40, 50, or 80 track versions. I recommend downloading the 2 new songs, “Gloom and Doom” and “One More Shot”. Both are rockin’ numbers that are a couple of the best they have created in several years. 

But, seriously, I think The Stones have run out of ideas on album titles and cover photos.


Elvis Costello In Motion Pictures
Elvis Costello – In Motion Pictures

This is an interesting collection of old Elvis Costello tunes used in various movies over the past 30 or so years. It’s a cool idea and an even cooler album cover!


The Who Music for the Closing Ceremony




The Who – Music For The Closing Ceremony

Pete and Roger’s performance closing the 2012 London Olympics was awesome and the 4 tracks are now for sale for download or on a limited blue vinyl LP!