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#TBT #Vinyl John Fogerty, Centerfield, 1985

5 Oct


John Fogerty
Warner Bros


Getting ready for baseball playoffs with Fogerty’s massive 80s comeback, Centerfield. Go Cubs Go!





Big Data? Small Numbers Are Sometimes More.

16 Jul


Do big numbers impress you? Sometimes smaller number mean more.

We’re fascinated by TV shows that reach 100 episodes or 10 years on the air; bands creating a record with multiple producers and dozens of musicians; or movies with a cast of hundreds. But does that make them good?

These small numbers impress me more:

12 = number of Fawlty Towers episodes (6 in 1975, 6 in 1979). Fawlty Towers

10 = number of years The Beatles were together.

= number of Led Zeppelin original studio albums.

3 = 
number of guys in Johnny Cash’s band…including Johnny Cash.

Johnny Cash, Luther Perkins,  Marshall Grant

= number of musicians playing all of the instruments on John Fogerty’s Centerfield album (and that was John Fogerty!)

John Fogerty Centerfield

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