Media Outreach via Twitter


In March 2008, the Dow was over 12,000 and just a handful of early-adapting journalists and PR folks were using Twitter on a regular basis. What a difference 12 months make! The growth of Twitter has created an amazing and somewhat frightening channel to PR pro’s to converse with the media.


I would like to hear your stories and comments about experiences connecting with journalists in recent months.



  • How has your media outreach via Twitter been received?


  • Any negative feedback from journalists?


  • Overall, has Tweeting journalists been effective for you?


  • What would help improve this method of engagement?


Please comment below or send your tales to me at



One thought on “Media Outreach via Twitter

  1. Jack nice post on reflecting a year ago about Twitter. I had a conversation, in person, today about groups on the old Compuserv and message boards. One can make the case that those were better organized than Twitter and more effective.

    However there is something about discovery in Twitter that is appealing. The keys for me:

    1. Take the time to listen and learn as you build relationships

    2. Look for breadth as well as depth

    3. Share ideas that are outside of pitches

    4. Don’t get caught up in numbers

    5. Be sensitive because everything is public and forever

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