Fundamental Change at Media Outlets


Here is a very interesting trend pointed out by the development team at MatchPoint:



PR pros should be aware of a fundamental change in the media. In the current economic debacle, fewer and fewer journalists are employed be a specific media outlet.
It appears that the media have responded to the current business conditions, in part, by outsourcing editorial functions. The overwhelming minority of bylined journalists in MatchPoint are staff journalists. Most content is now produced by freelancers and syndicators.
For example, an analysis of MatchPoint’s Benton Evening News content, circulation approximately 4,000, produced the following results during a recent sample month:

  • 301 bylined articles.
  • 171 unique bylined journalists
  • 30 journalists produced > 5 articles

However, the Benton Evening News maintains a staff of only 2!
“Contributors,” including both freelancers and syndicators, are rapidly becoming the new mainstream.



For more information on MatchPoint, visit: MatchPoint


Or check out MatchPoint’s Facebook page



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