#TBT #Vinyl The Beatles At The Hollywood Bowl, 1977 / 2016

the beatles live at the hollywood bowl

the beatles at the hollywood bowl

The Beatles
(Live) At The Hollywood Bowl
Capital Records / Apple Records
Recorded: 1964-1965
Vinyl release: 1977
Digital release: 2016

Usually I go for the vinyl version of any record, but in this case the digital re-release is far superior in audio quality and has several extra tracks.

But reproducing the original cover would have been cool instead of the new cover tying the album to the new Ron Howard documentary, Eight Days A Week.

TBT Vinyl: The Beatles, The Red Album / The Blue Album

The Beatles Red Album


The Beatles
1962-1966 and 1967-1970
(Also known as The Red Album and The Blue Album)



What was the biggest band of the 1970s?  The Bee Gees? The Eagles? Led Zeppelin?
Nope…The Beatles ruled, even though they broke up in 1970. 

If you grew up in the 70s or 80s, you probably didn’t first listen to the fab four on the original iconic albums or am radio like our friends from the 60s did.  You probably had one or both of these gems.




Bealtes Blue Album label Apple records



TBT Vinyl: The Beatles, Magical Mystery Tour



The Beatles
Magical Mystery Tour
Capitol Records (US)

The so-called “big news” this week of The Beatles library becoming available through streaming services makes me shake my head. No big deal…they’ve been streaming from our turntables for years!

Here’s one of my favorite pieces. From Christmas 1967, it’s Magical Mystery Tour. This is the US version of the LP.

Happy Christmas!


The 24-page picture book...
The 24-page picture book…


Purchased at Record Rev, DeKalb, IL!