Don’t Redo Your Website in 2016



“No one’s looking at our website. Quick – redesign it!”  

But if no one’s looking, then why waste resources? With marketers changing jobs so frequently, it’s easy to fall into the trap of changing websites along with the marketing professional.  The new head of marketing joins the company, and his first move is to redo the website. Why?

  • It’s what he knows how to do.
  • It has the old head of marketing’s mark on it.
  • He’s got a long list of loyal vendors or old teammates who can do the job.
  • Refreshing a website is safe, while trying something new is risky.

None of these are good reasons to change your current website!

And, the CEO knows just enough about marketing to be dangerous and say, “Sure, it makes sense to do a new website. The internet is important, right?”  

The problem is that no additional customers will see the new site versus the old site unless you are actively attracting viewers.


What should you do instead?


1. Turn your corporate website into a blog.

Maintain an active blog page as your “main” landing page of your company’s website. Keep it fresh with new stories about your customers, industry, and brand.

Search engines like articles better than corporate pages. And, so do your customers!

Links to your blog posts give you “stuff” to put on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Seriously, aside from fresh blog posts or articles, what else from your corporate site could you share on your Facebook that anyone would want to see? A link to your “about us” page or your pricing page? Hardly!


2. Focus on Facebook

A no-brainer? Yes, to some. But we still see resources going into audience-free corporate websites, rather than the online places where your customers are already living.

Your Facebook page isn’t even the most important thing to focus on.  The posts that you publish – and pay to boost – are what will appear on your customers’ feeds are the key.


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