Google+ Insiders

What are you calling the people in your circles on Google+ ?  They’re not Facebook Friends or Twitter Followers or LinkedIn Connections.

I’m using the term Insiders, as in someone Inside the Circle.  That seems appropriate, simple, and just cheesy enough to work. And once the business edition pages get rolling, I can just hear the tagline “Want to be a ______ Insider?” rolling out of marketing meetings.

What do you think we should call them?

And, if you’re on G+ and want to connect, catch me here.


2 thoughts on “Google+ Insiders

  1. Me too, hah–I can hear it as well. People will say, “I’m an inside with Apple or Starbucks and get all their info.” However, I still don’t understand the concept. What if I don’t want to be in your circle. It’s like we are out in the open…Is there any benefit in being in a circle besides having that person see additional information? (I’m still learning this whole Google+)

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