Social Media for Insurance Companies

What’s the most important thing an insurance company needs to know in Social Media?

What are our own agents saying?!? 

This is a logical place for any marketing, operations, customer service or other unit within an insurance brand to start. 

  • Are their posts working against your messages?
  • Are their posts inconstant with your best practices?
  • Are their posts focusing on selling services instead of engaging?
  • Is their activity compliant with FINRA’s guidelines?

 It’s easy to find out with the right tools. It’s essential to do if your brand is going to use Social Media at all.

Using a Social CRM tool, you should be able to instantly see a snapshot of what your group of agents are saying right now, across Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, their own blog if they write one, and any other social network you’ve chosen to plug into your “corporate” interface. You should be able to view everything they are saying, or filter down by those posts specifically about the brand or other keywords.

Also, let’s not only look at this as a “gotcha” tool. After all you don’t want to play bad cop all day. There may be some great, appropriate content that your agents are posting. After all, your field agents are the front line, talking with customers face-to-face daily, and know your brand’s services better than anyone. Perhaps there’s some content they are posting that could be repurposed and shared to via your corporate fan pages or blogs.

Next week, we’ll take a look at repurposing and redistributing your agents’ content, as well as your clients’ content in a fast and effective way. 

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