I’m So Busy! Oh, Shut Up.

The PR and Media Relations industry is made up of people who are chronically busy. But…are they really?
We all have those people in our lives who take every occasion to tell you how busy they are. These are same individuals who can’t make a deadline or return a call promptly. But, they have plenty of time to update their Facebook status with how busy they are, how they are longing for the weekend, or what they’re having for lunch.  Lunch?!?  Hmmm, I thought you were really busy…   

If you’re one of these offenders: Stop! Do yourself a favor and stop!
When you tell people – especially business associates – that you’re “so busy,” you’re really telling them that:

•You are a poor time manager
•You cannot handle your current workload, and therefore…
•You could not take on more tasks and so could not be of much help to anyone else
Face it, you’re no more busy, stressed, or under pressure than ANY of your peers, co-workers, or clients. If you truly believe you are, then it’s time for a change! The New Year is a perfect time to make that change – or suck it up.

I’ve seen many lists over the past two weeks of buzz words for PR pros to avoid in 2010. Let’s make “busy” one of them!

One thought on “I’m So Busy! Oh, Shut Up.

  1. Jack, I agree with you 100%. Shouting to the world how busy you are only communicates to others that you are not open to contributing more.

    I would also note that, as busy as people might feel, it’s never ok to use it as an excuse for being rude and/or inconsiderate.

    Happy 2010!

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