Healthcare Business Pitching Tips

27 Jan


The Chicago PRSA chapter’s January monthly luncheon meeting featured a panel of journalists focusing on the business of healthcare. Guests included Tom Burton of The Wall Street Journal, Diane Eastabrook of PBS’s Nightly Business Report, and Mike Colias of Crane’s Chicago Business.


Here are some tips the panel gave for pitching Healthcare Business:


ü DON’T pitch healthcare business reporters “medical miracle” stories that have no impact on business, the industry, or competition


ü DO have interview subjects available if you’re pitching TV


ü DO be helpful with details on medical data or have ready access to someone with details


ü KNOW what the media outlet does

ü KNOW what your organization does that would be of particular interest



Here are the types of enterprise areas that the panel would like to know more about in 2009:


  1. Healthcare Cost Containment
  2. Conflicts of Interest
  3. Industry consolidation and how it affects consumers


My compliments to PRSA Chicago and Steven Davidow for putting together such an interesting panel!



One Response to “Healthcare Business Pitching Tips”

  1. Albert Maruggi January 28, 2009 at 1:06 pm #

    Right on, nice concise post. I’d also suggest checking twitter search the old with these hash tags #healthcare #journochat #pradvice

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