3 Million Check-Ins But No One Was There

There seems to be a lot of buzz about the lack of buzz about Foursquare.

Is it not as interesting, fun, or useful for you as it was a year ago? Or is it not as interesting as you thought it would be by now? Please share your thoughts in the comment area!

My take is that Foursquare may have been just far enough ahead of its time that expectations were huge. And, I think the non-early adopters (i.e., the consumers who matter to brands) may still be wading in if not jumping in. Last week, on 4/16 (Foursquare Day…I know, groan), it broke 3 Million check-ins. Not Facebook numbers, sure. But seriously, that’s still a major milestone.

Here’s a not-so-scientific study, but I’m interested in learning if you are having the same experience:

Dozens of the places I set up myself on Foursquare in 2009 and 2010 (all local stores and restaurants) are suddenly getting new mayors. I’m getting ousted weekly! Some people get angry about getting ousted, but I love seeing this. It indicates that more people in my community are jumping in each day.

Obviously, the continual growth of smart phones by all demographics plays a big role, so it will be fun to watch how deep these folks with their first iPhone, Droid, or BlackBerry go with it. I’m also curious to see how Google’s new launch of Latitude will grow in comparison.