Déjà vu Launches

deja vu


We’re all competing for your attention. Your friends are competing for your attention on your newsfeed. Brands are competing for your attention on all social channels. And social channels are competing for real estate on your phone.

Déjà vu is a new location-based app that is smart enough to stay out of that last competition. Instead of creating a yet another place for your friends / contacts / consumers to see your check-ins and comments, Déjà vu utilizes Facebook as the place where you connect.

Think of Déjà vu also as a location-based app for places that you haven’t checked into yet. It allows users to share places where they may want to go and tap their friends for a review, comment, or advice on the location.

Déjà vu CEO Keith Murphy also emphasizes the deals users can find at or near any location. “There are daily deals around you from over 80 different sources – Groupon, Living Social, Gilt City, and more – with a click of the Daily Deals tab.” Again, Déjà vu is not jumping into the deals fray, but aggregating the best that are already available for Déjà vu users.

Murphy also emphasizes the ability to pre-screen places as a differentiator. “You can see where other users have said they want to go in our Trending Section and sort through those locations by age and gender to find the perfect place to go right now.” I think this part of the app has the biggest potential for those looking to connect in real life with friends (and perhaps for marketers!).

Déjà vu is currently in Beta, and just became available via iTunes – check it out now and let me know your feedback via comments below.