Advertising Mega Merger. Meh…

 Publicis Omnicom

What happens when a brontosaurus merges with a pterodactyl?

The result is still a dinosaur that will be extinct in a few years.

That’s right I said it: extinct. These aging parent companies and their ad agency and PR firm children will continue to be less and less relevant until they fade into history. 

The PR industry bloggers of the world are giddy about this merger of two companies who have never cared about those bloggers. The mainstream press who need the new POG’s ad dollars to remain on life support have written constantly over the past 48 hours about “what this means” for the future of advertising and PR.

I think it’s safe for me to say these things on a blog or Facebook as no one at Publicis or Omnicom knows social media exists yet. If they did, they may have had a different merger strategy.


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