4 Social Media Marketing Predictions for 2013

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1. 2013 is year we stop saying “Social Media”. 

It’s just media … messages … communications. We’re putting too much emphasis on “how social” something is. It’s losing its meaning quickly. Also, the faster we can stop saying “viral video” when describing every video online, the better!


2. 2013 is the year of Google+.

Sure, some say Google+ is the perpetual also-ran to Facebook.

Will you use it as much in your personal life as you use Facebook? No.

But, when potential customers search for information, will they see the content you put on your Facebook Fan Page or the content you put on your Google+ profile? Yep, it’s called Google+ for a reason. Get on board now!


3. 2013 is the year Public Relations steps up.

After 5 years of complaining that we’re once again not at the executive table, PR professionals will take a leadership role within most organizations to manage the messaging and manage the relationships with the audiences.


4. 2013 is the last year a CEO thinks Social Media is about reaching “the kids”.

I hope.



2 thoughts on “4 Social Media Marketing Predictions for 2013

  1. Good predictions – the platform for content isn’t important. Using content to help drive conversations at all levels is. I’m tired of ‘social media’ terms, too.

    I’m not sure about Google+ – I love it but it lacks the community that other networks have. Love to read why you think it is going to evolve this year.

    As much as I’d like to think PR folks have got it figured out, they still seem pretty far from where they need to be: content creators and curators who work with companies to drive high visibility conversations.

    Good post!

    1. Thanks Thomas!

      As far as Google+, I agree with you that it would be impossible to duplicate the community that Facebook has built. That may never happen again on such a grand scale. But, I think that Google+ will jump due to the predominance of your G+ page when searching.

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