Modern Rock Christmas: Paul Westerberg “Away In A Manger”

10 Dec

Paul Westerberg Away IN A Manger

Ah, Paul Westerberg. The great Replacements frontman and solo songwriter has been cultivating a reclusive persona of late, only plugging in his guitar this year to put Hank Williams and Gordon Lightfoot covers on a tribute album for his ailing ex-bandmate Slim Dunlap.

But a few years ago, Paul put this little gem on a non-Holiday collection available via download only from Amazon, as he’s been doing with most of his material in recent memory. And what a gem it is. Leave it to PW to put his idiosyncratic spin (and a little Chuck Berry influence) on Christmas and come out the other side with an instant new classic. The Little Lord Jesus never rocked so hard.


Thanks to Atlanta-based singer/songwriter Michael Hodgin for today’s guest post!


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  1. Barbara Jackson - August 14, 2013

    Barbara Jackson

    […]s I discovered your blog site online and appearance a couple of your early po ub[…]

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