What Media Is Really Supporting Obama or Romney?

Four more years of Obama would be bad for business according to conservative talk show hosts.  
But Obama’s re-election may help one industry: conservative talk shows.    

Why? Over 15 million people tune into Rush Limbaugh each day to hear conversations about how badly Obama is doing. Will 15 million people tune in to hear how well a President Romney is doing? Doubtful.

Rush and many others exploded onto the national scene in the early 1990s when another polarizing figure, Bill Clinton, came into the White House. Little did we know that as polarizing figures go, Clinton was nothing compared to George W. Bush and Barrack Obama!  

Conversely, Liberal media’s ratings would improve if the GOP wins. And by Liberal media, I pretty much mean, well, all traditional media except for Fox News, about a dozen syndicated radio shows, and several blogs.

Romney’s victory would surely be a boon for the currently struggling CNN and the always-struggling MSNBC. As ridiculous and far out there that they are, I’ll say one thing for those crazy NBC cable guys: they stand their ideological ground and continue to push the Left’s agenda no matter how few people tune in.  But there must be some closet capitalist programming execs at MSNBC who secretly wish against the designs of parent companies NBC and Comcast for an Obama reelection.

Such execs must see the value in having the cable network be the anti-establishment voice. Isn’t it a more natural fit for Liberal voices to play that role and resist “The Man”?

Liberal media played that role during the Bush years but it didn’t result in ratings success: MSNBC and CNN have trailed Fox for many years. But perhaps the Left will really fire up if the election is lost for them.

Left-leaning comedy shows like The Daily Show, The Colbert Report, Saturday Night Live, and The NBC Evening News, have struggled to stay fresh while remaining on-point of not criticizing President Obama. It’s hard to do political satire when you’re supporting the party in power. This has lead to a scouring of America to find obscure Republican state senators and local officials to mock. A Romney win on Election Day would be a shot in the arm for the writers of these shows. Or at least make their jobs easier.


2 thoughts on “What Media Is Really Supporting Obama or Romney?

  1. Great post, Jack. I have always understood the primary mission of the 4th Estate was to hold elected officials and government in general accountable for their actions and deeds. The MSM’s dereliction of this reponsibility has lead to the explosion of alternative media and auidences flock.

  2. Thanks Jeff. Yes, somewhere along the line, holding government accountable evolved to filtering which stories we are allowed to see.

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