Stop Driving Your Traffic to Facebook

Originally posted at Engage121 Blog

You see it everyday in retail stores, coffee shops, and pizza places:

Like us on Facebook!

Here’s the issue for the owners and managers of these stores: the people reading that sign are already in your store!

And instead of engaging them in real life, having a conversation, or selling them stuff (!), some retailers are pushing them over to Facebook or some other online presence to Like them, take a survey, etc. Don’t fall into this hole! Again, these people are ALREADY in your store! And, don’t worry about Facebook; Zuckerberg’s traffic will be just fine.   

Don’t get me wrong – it’s extremely valuable to have your current customers join your online community. Engaging those folks on Facebook or other social channels is key in cementing your relationship, offering customer service, and perhaps creating a returning customer. Also, I think many people are drawn to the Facebook logo and would read anything on that sign!

But please don’t let your engagement in social marketing end there! So far, you’ve preached to the choir. Now you need to find a congregation.

Focus your resources on attracting people who are not currently in your store to come to your Facebook Page. Find consumers who are not already customers and invite them to learn about your business. Use Facebook to drive store traffic, not the other way around.

Remember the progression you want:

Person living in your community —> Person interested enough to go to your Fan Page —> Person interested enough to go to your shop —> Person who buys a product or service

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