Franchise King – Become a Franchise Owner!

Joel Libava


If you’re in Franchising and are heading to the IFA Convention, here’s a last minute tip for your trip: go download Joel Libava‘s new book Become a Franchise Owner! for the flight to Orlando. 

The Franchise King!

While I’m sure Joel, “The Franchise King”, wrote the book for entrepreneurs and future business owners, I am recommending this work for everyone working the franchise space including marketers, operations, sales, and especially suppliers. While most of these folks will never buy a franchise themselves, Joel lays out fantastic inside information on how this industry works and answers questions that they may have not known to ask.

I myself have been working with franchise system brands, CEOs, and CMOs for a decade or so and found myself thinking, “oh, that’s how that works,” or “ah, that’s why they do it that way…”

And, it’s a fun, honest read by a guy who is not afraid to hold back! 


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