Local Media Is Alive and Being Read


The media is dying! Wait, not so fast…


Changing? Yes.

Evolving? Certainly.

But dying? Not even close.

I haven’t gone one day in the past three months without seeing numerous blog postings from those who are lined up to be the next person to point out that many media outlets are in trouble. There is a frenzy of public relations pro’s, media “experts”, and marketers who can’t wait to Tweet and re-Tweet about the latest layoffs at various newspapers or TV stations.


It amazes me that many in Public Relations want to promote the collapse of the industry vital to their own work.


Of course The NY Times is broke. The LA Times and the Chicago Tribune are under water. Most major papers are feeling similar pain. But the story that no one seems to be following is the stability of smaller local media outlets.


PRWeek recently reported on a survey by the University of Missouri School of Journalism that shows 86% of adults read a local community newspaper each week.


As small papers continue to put more of their content online, this number will surely grow.


Instead of PR and marketing professionals panicking because major outlets are downsizing, perhaps they should reexamine their target audiences and tactics. They should counsel their clients about the value of local media impressions in the markets where a client has a presence. Reaching out to local community outlets may not have the same sizzle as getting a placement in The Times or on a national evening news program, but the impact of these combined local impressions may be more beneficial in reaching the client’s goals.


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